Ethical questions need a platform

Biotech breakthroughs raise important ethical questions that can’t be answered by scientists and investors alone. It is our responsibility to engage society in critical discussions.

Ethical questions need a platform

Leaps Talks

Tackling big ethical questions

Leaps Talks is a speaker series that gathers leading minds from distinct disciplines to discuss the ethics, opportunities, and challenges arising from biotech innovation and investment. Organized with leading festivals and partners, the events feature conversations with leading thinkers in science, society, sport and beyond.

“How can we ensure that our most cherished values guide the application 
of our most powerful technologies?”

Jamie Metzl, author of Hacking Darwin

Breaking through impossible in three chapters

Leaps by Bayer was created in 2015 to break boundaries in life sciences investment—in scale, risk, collaboration, and mission. But scientific breakthroughs are complex, and the path to achievement doesn’t follow a straight line. In order to share our visions with bright minds across science, business and society, we created a series of films that make complex ideas broadly accessible.

A neutral space for critical engagement was founded in 2017 by Leaps by Bayer, motivated by our mission to innovate responsibly. We realized that a separate, journalistic platform would be ideally positioned to combat scientific misinformation and to encourage broad public discussion about how new technologies across the life sciences should be implemented. The initiative was initially called LeapsMag. In 2019, the initiative began a publishing partnership with GOOD Worldwide, a global social impact company and its subsidiary Upworthy – a purpose-driven media company. The shared mission was to rebuild public trust in science as a force for good and to foster dialogue about the ethical implications of new breakthroughs. In 2021, GOOD converted LeapsMag to the non-profit initiative to underscore its commitment to independence and mission.  Additional funding partners have included the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Rita Allen Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. In 2023, was incorporated into the broader Upworthy publishing platform as Upworthy Science.

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Meaningful relationships to create a sustainable impact

Our collaborations with research institutions, foundations, culture, futurist and innovation festivals both enable and challenge us to make our ambitions actionable and accountable.

  • EmTech logo


    EmTech is MIT Technology Review’s flagship event on emerging technology and global trends, held annually at the MIT Media Lab.

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    The New York Times Climate Hub

    The New York Times Climate Hub is a physical and virtual space where influential leaders and thinkers join forces with the wider community to debate, discuss and discover actionable climate strategies.

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    SXSW Online 2021

    Introducing SXSW Online, a digital experience including keynotes, conference sessions, music festival showcases, film festival screenings, world-class networking, and the unexpected discoveries that are always a part of SXSW.

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    TOA is a community for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Their mission is to help people and organizations become futureproof.

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    The Happiness Research Institute

    The Happiness Research Institute focuses its work on the wellbeing and quality of life for citizens.

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    Summit Institute

    Summit Institute develops creative solutions to real world challenges and is the non-profit partner of Summit, a multidisciplinary community of leaders from all around the world.

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    SynBioBeta is the premier innovation network for biological engineers, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs who share a passion for using biology to build a better, more sustainable universe.

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    Norrsken Foundation

    The Norrsken House is a coworking space for startups striving to contribute to the greater good and is being financed by the Norrsken Founders Fund.

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    Brilliant Minds

    Brilliant Minds feels a deep responsibility to gather leaders from venture capital, impact investment, politics, culture and tech in Stockholm to generate connections that help fostering sustainable value creation.

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    GOOD | Upworthy

    Upworthy, a purpose-driven media company and subsidiary of GOOD Worldwide, creates and distributes compelling content to uplift, illuminate, and engage.

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  • Big Green Logo

    Big Green

    Big Green and Leaps by Bayer share the vision of building a healthier future for our bodies, our farmers, and our planet by utilizing disruptive innovation for more sustainable agriculture.

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    Boston Hubweek

    Boston HubWeek was born from a simple premise: to build a better future.

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    The Atlantic Festival

    The 15th annual Atlantic Festival returns to Washington, D.C., on September 28 and 29, 2023, and brings together influential and provocative political, cultural, business, tech, and climate leaders for two full days of in-depth interviews, timely forums, intimate breakout sessions, book talks, screenings, and networking opportunities. Our writers and moderators will host a lively exchange of complex ideas, addressing the most significant issues of our time with today’s boldest thinkers as we bring The Atlantic’s journalism to life on stage.

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Collaborating with the smartest minds

In an increasingly convergent world, there is no innovation without collaboration. Together, we aim to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.