Breaking through impossible

We invest in teams pursuing fundamental breakthroughs in life science, 
targeting ten huge challenges facing humanity. Some call them impossible. 
We call them "Leaps."

Breaking through impossible

Leaps by the numbers

  • 15+

    New investments and follow-on investments 2023

  • 1.9+ Billion USD

    Total amount invested in Leaps portfolio 2015 - 2023

  • 60+

    # of portfolio companies 2015 - 2023


Leaps is the strategic impact investment unit of Bayer. By accelerating transformative biotechnologies, we aim to shift key paradigms in life science, changing the world for better.

In health, we pursue breakthroughs that could set new standards in medical care, moving from treating symptoms to curing or preventing diseases. In agriculture, we drive innovations that could nourish a growing population while restoring the planet.

10 Leaps

Our ten Leaps are at the core of our investment approach. They reflect our ambition to tackle the biggest challenges, with consideration for how Bayer’s 150 years of history and expertise can most make a difference.

Growing knowledge through collaboration

Leaps by Bayer supports early-stage companies and forms new ventures. Significant and sustained investment maximizes their probability of success and enables them to focus on the long-term delivery of their disruptive technology, rather than short-term and lower impact results.

Our portfolio companies remain autonomous with respect to decision making. We support them through what we call “active incubation”. Experienced team members actively engage in the young companies’ development by providing resources and helping them to steer the initial strategic direction.

Return for humanity

How much wellbeing for humanity could we create by e.g., resolving Parkinson’s disease? Or ensuring crop shortages are less severe?

We seek to predict and measure our impact investment approach by developing a new metric of success beyond ROI.

Together with the Happiness Research Institute, we introduced Wellbeing Adjusted Life Years (WALY), a metric determining the impact events have on wellbeing, which also allows to predict how much good for humanity we could generate by addressing disease and solving global issues.

  • Happiness Research PDF Thumbnail

    Read about the work with our partners at the Happiness Research Institute

  • Taking 10 leaps for humanity thumbnail

    See how our 10 Leaps framework could generate return for humanity


Ethical questions need a platform

Biotech breakthroughs raise important ethical questions that can’t be answered by scientists and investors alone. It is our responsibility to engage society in critical discussions.