Director of Venture Investments

"I believe that we have the responsibility to pay it forward to create better medicines and a sustainable future for generations to come."
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Keeping an eye on the next big thing in science

+15 years in life science industry working in business development and alliance management in biotech, government and pharma across US and Asia

Bridge builder

Helping researchers to translate innovations into industry

Circular economy

Food waste valorization, saving ugly fruits

Pastry chef wannabe

Baking is chemistry 101

PeiSze enjoys being on a continuous learning curve working in the life science industry. She is constantly amazed by the discoveries that transform healthcare. Trained as a pharmacist, she has moved from being a healthcare provider to creating new medicines. She has done this by joining a MIT spinoff once finishing her postdoctoral training. Jumping from a biotech to shaping the ecosystem in Singapore, PeiSze has worked with governmental organizations to seed and fund life science research in Singapore. Before joining Leaps, PeiSze was managing external alliances for Bayer and has built collaborations with institutions across Asia and China. She has a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from Purdue University and is based in Singapore.