Deputy Director of Brand & Community Engagement

"Storytelling is data with a soul."
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Digital marketing

15+ years leading strategy and digital storytelling for agencies and brands

Biotech noob

Passionate about science communication (and a fast learner)

Arts and activism

Ran underground cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Fulbright scholar researching Brazilan video art. #FridaysForFuture


Home-made water kefir and kale treats, recipes on demand

Karyn leads the organization’s digital engagement and events, including our Leaps Talk series. She is honored to work with some of the brightest minds in life science, and to communicate how emerging biotechnologies developed by Leaps ventures could disrupt core industry paradigms. The ‘bio revolution’ we are part of could change the world for the better and can also raise important ethical issues. Karyn is passionate about driving conversations that empower people to objectively evaluate risks, benefits, and needed guardrails as the bio-revolution becomes reality.

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