Director Portfolio Strategy & Reporting

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"
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NUMB3RS & Analytical horsepower

10+ years’ experience in Finance/Controlling, passion for numbers, drive for clarity and insights out of data, sharp mind, and quick learner

Positive impact & thinking

Strong believer in: “Do the right thing and do it right”, driven to add value for a better and happier world, positive mindset and seeing good in everyone

Enable & drive decision making

Worked in various headquarters, regional and country roles. Denise always facilitated between diverse stakeholders and partnered closely with senior management for the most meaningful business decisions and actions

Always active

Enjoying life at its best during traveling, family time in nature, while creating something (Arts & Crafts) or ballroom dancing (not like TV, but made it to Silver German dance sport certificate)

Denise has been with Bayer for 18 years, in which she gathered experience in finance but also covered strategic topics in both the headquarters as well as local roles e.g. in beautiful Australia. She is interested in broadening her horizon into life science beyond Pharmaceuticals and learning about innovations towards a better future. She is keen to use her analytical capabilities and business acumen to assess, report, and measure the impact of the next breakthrough in life science. It follows her lasting purpose of having a positive impact on business outcomes and humanity.

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