We will only move forward responsibly by building from the strongest possible foundation: our values. Given Bayer’s heritage and position, everything we do must be in the spirit of brave, open, and conscious innovation.

Only the willingness to leap into the unknown will lead to the results that humanity and our planet need. A complementary exchange of knowledge must be at the heart of our endeavor. And we can only succeed if we’re conscious about our actions, even if this means that we don’t do certain things at all. Only with these values in mind can we take people along with us on this important journey.

We create a neutral space for critical engagement

By financing an editorially independent online magazine dedicated to exploring the social, cultural, and ethical implications of fundamental breakthroughs across the life sciences, we initiate an unbiased discourse on the bigger picture and how to make progress for humanity.

It is vital that we create a neutral open space for complex questions to be discussed; for commonly held ethical positions to be challenged (and either confirmed or evolved); and for differing opinions and theories to be weighed up alongside each other.

Opening ourselves up to what will at times be controversial discussion is just as vital for responsible progress as the fundamental breakthroughs we hope to achieve.

We invite all curious minds to speak up and share their stimulating point of view so we can listen, learn, and move forward with this knowledge. To do so, visit the new magazine now and get in touch via e-mail or social channels.

With meaningful relationships we create a sustainable impact